14" ThermaBond® Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone

PizzaQue® products help you harness the high heat of your grill to emulate a traditional pizza oven for a perfect pizza, every time. The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone withstands and maximizes the intense heat of your grill's direct flame. Steady, even heat allows for easy cooking of pizzas that might otherwise be challenging, such as heavily topped pizzas.

This two-piece, interlocking stone seals air inside its hollow center which circulates and disperses heat more evenly to the stone's surface. The result is an evenly heated stone free of problematic hot spots or a completely overheated stone which burns crusts before the toppings are adequately cooked. The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone produces a perfectly cooked crust, every time. Stones require no seasoning or conditioning. Stone also works well in the oven.