Grate Racks for Big Green Egg ® & Kamado Joe ®: Two Please!

July 09, 2015

When Mike Chance, founder of Innovations by Chance (IBC), invented the Grate Racks he solved one of the dirtiest grilling problems with Kamado Style Grills: 

Where does a greasy grill grate go when you're putting coal in the firebox and/or lighting your grill?  

His invention is ingenious because he utilized the existing Nest design of both the Big Green Egg ® and Kamado Joe ® to create a simple and effective storage accessory. 

No longer do you have to find a suitable place to set down your grill grate and get grease on your clothes or deck!

Store More Than Your Grill Grate

In addition to holding your greasy grate, the racks can hold a plate setteror an extra grate like a cast iron grate or a Pizza Stone.

There are many uses and you may find it beneficial to mount more than one Grate Rack! Actually the best number of Grate Racks is TWO!

Easily Fits On Your Existing Nest

The Grate Racks easily mount in the existing holes on your BGE Nest for sizes XL, L, Med or Small. The fit is perfect!

The picture on the left shows exactly where and how to attach the Grate Racks. 

With the BGE XL & L you can use the Grate Rack to hold almost anything: the Grill Grate, Plate Setter, Pizza Stone or any numbers of different style grill grates!  

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Note: If you own a Med or Small BGE the Grate Rack is recommended for Grill Grates or Pizza Stones. However, the width of the Nest on these models forces the arms closer together and the reduced width is not stable enough to hold a Plate Setter. 

Additionally, the Grate Racks cannot be used when a “Nest Handler” is mounted as the Grate Racks utilize the same holes designed for mounting the “Nest Handler”. 

The Grate Racks also mount easily on the Kamado Joe ® Classic and Big Joe models. See the picture on the right.

They slip easily between the Nest Legs at the weld point.  Installation literally takes a few seconds!

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With the IBC Grate Racks you can handle one of the dirtiest jobs in grilling with no worries!

At SmokeWare we're proud to carry the products designed and manufactured by IBC and hope you enjoy the utility and benefits of this Grate Rack!

Grill well my friends!


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