Should You Purchase a SmokeWare Flat Cap?

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Matt Merritt | 3 comments

The Flat Cap was a great idea created by a Big Green Egg aficionado who goes by the name Jeepster on Social Media.  

The very simple and effective design makes it an ingenious product! 

The heft of the Flat Cap, handle and Nomex felt on bottom make it user friendly. 

It fits inside the base portion of the SmokeWare Chimney Cap. You can easily place it on your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe or Gourmet Guru Grill with the Chimney Cap base in place.

Take a look at the following pictures: 

Smokeware Chimney Cap Without Flat Cap

Smokeware Chimney Cap With Flat Cap

Bottom of Smokeware Flat Cap

Why You Would Want a Flat Cap

Realistically the Flat Cap is not a necessity. The SmokeWare Chimney Cap is designed to snuff out the coals in the fully closed position. 

However, there are customers who have historically preferred to remove the Daisy Wheel and close off the grill with the standard Porcelain Cap.

There are a few good reasons to use a Flat Cap: 

  • If you are very “coal conscious” and wish to conserve as much as possible 
  • If you have a Kamado Grill that has poor seals (worn Nomex Gasket)
  • The bottom grill vent leaks air 

Any of these concerns and issues would make the addition of the Flat Cap a very good choice.  

For every 10 SmokeWare Chimney Caps sold, customers will order 1- 1.5 Flat Caps. (you can’t order .5 of a flat cap, that’s how the average works out)  

As you can see in the pictures, the Flat Cap is easy to use and if you find it a necessity, a great addition to your kamado grilling!

Click here to purchase a Flat Cap to complement your Chimney Cap

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  • Ted

    Another good reason to use the flat cap is that the new covers that BGE is manufacturing do not fit over the top part of the Smokeware lid.

  • Blake

    Hi Ron, Blake from Smokeware here. Unfortunately the Chimney Cap won’t fit the Vision Pro C.

    Regarding the BGE Mini Max, we are in the final stages of creating an adapter so the Chimney Cap will fit the smaller neck of the Mini Max.

    Please register below to become a Smokeware Insider so you are the first to find out about all new product releases!

  • Ron

    Do you have caps to fit the Vision Pro C or BGE Mini Max? I have both these grills Thanks


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