New Stacker COMBO for your Big Green Egg

October 28, 2016

New Stacker COMBO for your Big Green Egg

SmokeWare is very pleased to announce our new product, the Grate Stacker.  This product is truly unique in design and function.

It allows you to increase your grill/cooking area by 70% while simultaneously providing easy access to both grilling surfaces by simply rotating the top Grill Grate. You can utilize the top shelf for multiple purposes such as cooking potatoes, corn or other vegetables while utilizing the lower grill surface for steaks, fish or chicken.  

You can sear on the lower area and rotate steaks to top shelf when cooking for a large number of people or to keep food hot until everything ready to serve.  You can cook multiple Pork Butts or a very large number of chicken wings, all at the same time!  

The separation between the bottom grill grate and top grill grate is 5” and the top grilling surface is the same size as the BGE Medium or 16”.  It is made of a very heavy gauge 304 Grade Stainless Steel with a special lip bend to insure the top grate is level.  

The Grill Grate is custom made for SmokeWare and has 23 bars, a thicker gauge on all bars and surrounding ring that provides a very solid and heavy duty surface for cooking.  It also doubles as a great replacement or upgrade grill grate for the BGE Medium and any grill that requires a 16” Grate (actual measurement is 15.75” but commonly referred to as a 16” Grate).

Here's the Grate Stacker In Action: