Cap Installation

Installation Instructions:

Enclosed with your new Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap is a 17 inch long piece of 1 inch wide felt with adhesive backing. This felt should be attached to the Big Green Egg Chimney to assure the base portion of the cap remains stable and secure to the Big Green Egg and only the outer Top portion of the Cap is allowed to turn for venting. Once the felt is installed simply slip the base over the top of the Big Green Egg Chimney and push it down until the bottom of the base touches the flared edge of your Big Green Egg.


Step by Step Instructions:

1.) You should clean the outer edge of your Big Green Chimney with a rag and alcohol or soap and water to remove any existing smoke & grease residue. This will insure the adhesive on the back of the felt fits securely.

2.) Remove or peel off the white plastic covering on the back of the felt to expose the adhesive. Then begin placing the felt just below (1/8 inch) below the top of the Big Green Chimney until you circle the entire Chimney. Press the felt securely in place and trim any excess or overlapping felt so the ends butt against each other (no space between the ends).

3.) Take your base (flared end pointing down) and just slide it down until it touches the Big Green Egg where the Chimney begins to flare out to form the top of the grill. It should fit a little tight.

4.) Then place the top portion of the Cap over the base and your ready to go!

Notes: You can remove the base for cleaning if needed by simply wiggling it back off. You can also start
your natural charcoal without the Top portion of the cap in place and just drop it on when coals are burning
or simply fully open the
vent position for complete air flow. The Cap & Base are dishwasher safe. For more
thorough cleaning use a sponge with soap and water or an SOS pad.


WARNING HOT: This SS Vented Chimney Cap is made of Stainless Steel and can and will cause burns or blistering once the grill is heated. Do not touch any part of the metal once the grill is heated, use a gloved hand (approved glove for high temperatures) or a cooking implement to adjust the vent setting.



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