New Product: Grate Ash Tool

August 25, 2015

Smokeware Grate Ash ToolAt SmokeWare we offer products that are innovative, well-made and offer advantages over existing OEM or aftermarket products.

The SmokeWare Grate Ash Tool is our newest product and certainly meets this criteria.  

It is a high quality, multi-task tool that utilizes both ends for functionality. With the tool you can:

  • Clean the ash box
  • Clean the grill grate
  • Lift the grill grate

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Multi-Tasking with the Ash Tool 

Cleaning the Ash Box isn’t the only thing the 3-in-1 Tool can do. You will find a unique tip  opposite the ash tool head. This tip is designed to perform a couple jobs:  

1. Lift a greasy or hot grill grate.

The SmokeWare Ash Tool is made for you to easily and safely remove a greasy grate.It is designed to lift your grill grate to add charcoal or light your grill.

Need to add wood chips for smoking? No problem. The Ash Tool can be used to safely lift a HOT grate (even with food on the grate).

The lifting feature is extremely handy and most grillers know that after you lift a greasy grate with your hand you will have to do some serious soap and lather work to get clean!

Plus, lifting a hot grate with a bare hand is not an option. 

2. Clean your grill grate

The tip is designed with a cleaning slot percisely made to fit. You simply slide it across the grate to easily remove all char and grill remnants from prior cooks. 

Typically, I clean the grate before lighting the coal as the cleaning debris from the grate will fall on the coals and help get the fire started and ultimately burning up the old debris.

Superior Quality

The Super Ash Tool is built to last  and made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel.  We utilize Stainless Steel for several reasons.  

First, it is safer. 304 Grade Stainless Steel will not chip or leave powder coating or chrome bits on the grill grate.

Unfortunately, most other products are made from cheaper steel material that can rust or with coatings that eventually break down. High quality 304 grade Stainless Steel is expensive but has significant advantages!

Note: Safety may not be a concern for the typical Ash Tool when used only for ash removal. However, many customers use the OEM product to lift the grill grate. If any chrome bits are left on the grill grate and become ingested, this can be a series health issue. (See Article on Dangers of Wire Brushes)

Second, Stainless Steel will last indefinitely. It will not rust, fall apart or leave those pesky bits of chrome and/or powder coating on your grill grate, or ever deform.

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Samurai Rope Handle

Notice the unique rope handle in the picture. The handle is designed to perform multiple tasks and make the Ash Tool easy to use.

We worked with a rope tying expert to create a “Samurai Sword Style” rope weaved handle. 

This tough rope and unique weave will give you a good grip when cleaning out your firebox or performing the other functions.  

Also, the weave handle includes a built-in loop that comes in handy if you want to hang your tool on a hook or post.

We hope our customers enjoy the new GRATE ASH TOOL. Whether you’re clearing out ash, lifting the grate, or cleaning the grate, we think you’ll find its multi-functions beneficial. Your grilling will be easier and more enjoyable.

Keep grilling my friends!

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