The SmokeWare ® Story

Our StoryThe SMOKEWARE ® Story

In 2006, I got a large Big Green Egg as a gift and learned first-hand about all the advantages of cooking on a Kamado Style Ceramic Grill. After grilling some steaks “Pittsburg-Style” and slow-smoking some whole “Texas Tickler Chickens” I found out quickly that weather could be an issue with Ceramic Grills due to the cast iron top.

In Florida, we have a lot of great grilling weather, but we also have a lot of afternoon thunder storms, that show up during prime grilling time. After getting rained on during several cooks I began to look for a way to eliminate weather issues when grilling. I wanted to keep grilling, even in the rain.

Eventually, I came up with the prototype for the SMOKEWARE Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap. It kept the rain out of my Big Green Egg and solved a few other issues. No more cook-out’s ruined by an unexpected thunderstorm or by the vent setting changing when the dome is opened!  No more having to beat the cast iron top open with a hammer due to grease freeze-up and no more rust or cast iron tops falling off and breaking. 

Upgrades the Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Provides

SMOKEWARE began with the idea that a Stainless Steel Kamado vent cap with an improved design would provide many advantages over the traditional daisy wheel (OEM Cap). I remember telling my father-in-law about my idea and all my plans to make and sell the Chimney Cap.  He looked at me and said, “How many of those things you think you can sell in a year, a dozen!”  Luckily his estimates were off a bit.

We are continuously working on new designs and improvements on the Cap.  The latest improvement included a tapered vent to provide even better temperature control on low settings. 

A Short History of the Kamado Style Grill

Grilling and Smoking has become a favorite American pastime and is enjoyed by families and friends across the United States, Canada and many other countries.  This experience was further enhanced with the arrival of the Kamado Style Grill to the American landscape.

Beginning in the early 1970’s with the Big Green Egg ®, the Kamado Style Grill became central fixture in American BBQ.  The industry has evolved over the years to include brands like Kamado Joe ®, Primo ®, Grill Dome ®, Vision®, and Sapphire ®.  New brands continue to enter the market and the industry is expanding worldwide.

The kamado-style grill offers significant advantages over traditional kettle grills.  By using “natural charcoal” combined with exacting temperature control, via ventilation at the top and bottom of the charcoal pit, you can extend your cooking time and manage your temperatures effectively.  Think slow and tasty!

Future Remains Bright

SMOKEWARE is growing. We have plans for a new warehouse and office in 2019 which will allow us to meet the growing demand for our products. We have a friendly & professional staff that includes Carly, Matt, Ryan and Jared. Our future remains bright and we hope to continue to grow by providing superior customer service and by remaining vigilant in responding to their needs. We look forward to serving you and improving your grilling experience!