Smokin' Flavor Maker + Rockwood Smokin' Wood Chips

No need for a plate setter, this is your all-in-one chip and drip rig for smoking BBQ, seafood, poultry and much more! Comes with a 14" drip pan. Easily set your grill up for the ultimate flavor without any mess.  Fits Large Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe Classic.  Comes with a FREE bag of Rockwood Smokin' Wood Chips!

Benefits & Advantages:

  • All Stainless Steel products
  • Includes a FREE bag of Rockwood Smokin' Wood Chips
  • Chip basket suspended above the fire for longer smokes
  • Reusable heavy duty 14" drip pan, adds moisture and flavor
  • The circular rig keeps everything easily in place
  • Best for indirect cooks.  No need for a plate setter.

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