Pizza Kit + FREE Tip Sheet

Get all of your pizza making tools now in one easy kit.  Make the best pizza using the Smokeware Pizza Stone!  Easily move your pie around with a Pizza Peel and cut like a pro with our Rolling Cutter.  The Pizza Kit also includes a FREE Pizza Tip Sheet to help you make a perfect pie every time!


  • Cordierite Pizza Stone
  • Pizza Craft Peel
  • Pizza Craft Rolling Cutter
  • FREE Pizza Tip Sheet

Cordierite Pizza Stone Benefits & Advantages:

  • 14.5" Diameter, 3/4" Thick
  • Technical Grade Ceramic made for thermal shock
  • Can be heated and cooled quickly and won’t crack or degrade
  • Fits with the Smokeware Large Raiser to elevate your Pizza Stone

Pizza Craft Aluminum Pizza Peel Benefits & Advantages:

  • Easily move pizzas without mess or burning yourself
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Features a comfort grip
  • 12" x 23.25"

Pizza Craft Pizza Cutter Benefits & Advantages:

  • Easily cut slices
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy grip handle