SW Cordierite Pizza Stone

The Smokeware Pizza Stone is a brick type product which, when preheated in your oven, gives the effect of a brick pizza oven which is known to produce baked goods of the highest quality.  

A cordierite pizza stone is great for using at home to achieve that light, crispy crust you experience at pizzerias! Cordierite is a lead-free, non-absorbent, oven brick material that is very durable.  This stone will withstand frequent use in your oven and grill.  Start baking like a master with the Smokeware Pizza Stone!

Fits: Most Grills and ALL Ovens

Benefits & Advantages:

  • 14.5" Diameter, 3/4" Thick
  • Technical Grade Ceramic made for thermal shock
  • Can be heated and cooled quickly and won’t crack or degrade
  • Fits with the Smokeware Large Raiser to elevate your Pizza Stone


This Pizza Stone is porous and NOT glazed which means it can absorb cooking oils or other liquid ingredients. This is why we recommend you ONLY use the Pizza Stone for baking breads, pizza and other non-oily products. Recipes that require oils, butter, margarine or lard, are not recommended.