Ultra-Bright Grill Light

Mounting Bracket

The Ultra Bright LED Grill light makes grilling at night easy. No more cell phone lights needed to check your grill. The Ultra-Bright Grill Light has 24 LED’s and a heat-resistant poly carbonate lens. It provides excellent illumination for the entire grill surface. The magnetic Light canister can be easily removed from the mounting bracket and stored indoors. The mounting unit is powder coated steel and will last for many years. Mounting instructions included.

1-Arm Fits: KJ (Version II or III) & All newer BGE models (9” handle)
2-Arm Fits: KJ l (No Lid Latch) & older BGE (4” handle)

Benefits & Advantages:
• Grill in the dark
• 24 LED bulbs, Rated to 10,000 hours
• 3 AAA batteries included
• Easy to mount
• Black powder coated steel

DO NOT expose to high heat for extended period of time. NOT WEATHERPROOF. Store indoors when not in use.

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