BGE  Dealers:

All BGE Dealers and BBQ Accessory Companies are invited to become dealers of the “Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap”. 

This stainless steel cap fits all X-Large, Large and Medium size BGE’s. Like the original cap, it allows for precise control of air flow and temperature, it also shields the internal cooking area from rain and snow, and allows air flow through the grill while not in use, thus reducing mold build-up in warm climates.

The minimum wholesale order is 6 units.  For a limited time each new Dealer will be provided one free unit for display at no cost.

Please call the toll free (855) 344-9273 or order by fax (904) 395-9039. Each order will generate a confirmation email with an invoice attached along with an information sheet containing MSRP Price List, UPC Code, Part# and detailed description. Special shipping prices from UPS will insure cost effective delivery.

Please Note: For a limited time, new dealers will be sent a coupon code for one FREE Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap with order of a Wholesale 6 PAK.  

If you are interested in establishing a dealer account, please call our toll free number at (855) 344-9273


International Dealers

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