Pizza Porta


Convert your Big Green Egg into an authentic Pizza Oven!  Capping off the top of your BGE retains heat, and our patented door and airflow control keep the temperature under control.  With the Pizza Porta you can enjoy consistent even temperatures for hours of pizza cooking or hearth baking.

Fits:  Big Green Egg Large or XL

Benefits & Advantages:

  • The Pizza-Porta allows the top vent/cap to be closed off while cooking. This simple change completely alters the cooking process. You can stop losing your heat.
  • The heat is contained in the dome, heating up the ceramic to increase radiant energy that is now focused on the top of the pizza.
  • The side vents are below the dome, so airflow is directed over and around the pizza, creating convection oven cooking.
  • The door keeps the airflow under control for steady, consistent temperatures.


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